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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oops, Day 6

Yesterday I missed meditating. However I am now living under a newly shingled roof. It rained hard yesterday evening after it was finished and no leaks! Plus the house looks a bit more like someone cares about it. I could have meditated, just decided not to with all the banging and so on.

Today I went to Friend's Meeting and after I got home meditated again. If I'm troubled or tense I often bring something with me to Friend's Meeting for example today I brought some knitting and a book. I was quiet, listening expectantly for some of the time and the rest of the time I did some knitting and read a chapter of the book, then took a break back into waiting expectantly. What I like about Friend's Meeting is that sitting quietly in a group like that brings an intense feeling of peace to me, even when I'm troubled and remain troubled, it's like I'm troubled in a pool of calm.

The short solo meditation today focused on breath and the feeling of fingertips of one hand on fingertips of the opposite hand. My mind was all over the place as usual, but after a time I had some of the peaceful settled feeling, especially in my hands.

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