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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

29 (or is it 26?) Days of Meditation

OK, let's say second day of meditation and be more accurate. Since I am not counting on this being 30 days of eating on a dollar a day and then being done with it.

Today my short meditation on my breath did not involve sleeping, although perhaps there was some dozing. I was very occupied with solving problems in my life and seemed to come up with some brilliant ideas, which of course I don't remember clearly right now. I kept losing my place in counting my breaths and at times that even became a bit amusing. Unfortunately I didn't come up with any brilliant ideas on convincing everyone in Congress that raising the debt ceiling would be a most sensible thing to do. I'm sort of relying on the multi-national corporations to do that for me. Hey, that attitude got me through Y2K with flying colors!

I did notice yesterday that I was focusing more on one thing at a time and felt calmer about dealing with whatever crises came up in the day, more able to gently re-direct myself to whatever I'd started and finish that up before rushing off to the next crisis. I was a bit more focused on being kind to myself.

I do have to admit that even for the minimal effort the meditation was going to require that my adolescent self was sulky and somewhat resentful about the whole thing. However, like so much in life that attitude too did pass.

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