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Knit Butterfly  Bag...Project in Progress

I knit the body for this bag quite a while ago, but never put a handle on it. It is about the simplest thing, just a rectangle of knitted goodness  folded and two sides stitched together. I alternated garter and stockinette stitching to add interest. Then this year (I did say I knitted it a while ago), I decided to learn needle felting. I'm not completely sure how I feel about needle felting yet, but I made this butterfly from a Demensions kit and sewed it on.
This is the label of the kit. A bit out of focus. And you can see the red kitchen in the background.
Then I made an i-cord strap, unfortunately from different colored yarn, but that
is ok. Because I have some fabric that completely matches the colors of the butterfly!! Amazing!

So I will finish it by sewing the fabric around the i-cord and adding a button closure for when the wearer is dashing around with treasures in the purse. I'll have fun choosing the button.
Then all I'll need to do is decide whether to sell it, or give it to a certain very serious young girl I know.