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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Changes since my childhood #1

The Cold War is over.

It was like the custody battle over the world. It was endless, it was overly dramatic, at times it was ridiculous, always it was terrifying. It left those caught in between exasperated and at times speechless. Like children they wondered if they were partly to blame, picked sides, changed sides, were bribed with fabulous gifts, accused of siding with "that bastard". It created both legal and physical battles. It was unbelievably expensive and took attention away from everything else. In fact there was nothing which could be spoken of except in the context of the custody battle.

Then at first slowly, but ultimately suddenly the fight stopped. It had gone on for so long that the "children" had all grown up. For while it became possible to see the world in color. And how I enjoyed that. Then, alas, came 9-11, and a different version, a hot war with no possible end, came to pass.

I miss seeing in color.

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